What Is Laboratory Risk Strategy?

Inspirion Biosciences is a leading provider of biorisk management strategy for the private sector, academic institutions, and government. From healthcare facilities to R&D laboratories, we leverage the combined expertise of scientists, safety professionals, engineers, and project managers to help ensure your organization’s biorisk management strategy meets the demands of modern health and safety.

But what is a laboratory risk strategy? In short, a laboratory risk risk strategy:

  • Is a holistic, big picture approach to evaluating all types of inter-related risk factors
  • Provides a top-down and bottom-up perspective of risk
  • Streamlines risk mitigation across departments, divisions, and business units within an organization
  • Is a proactive approach to addressing risk
  • Enhances the risk culture within your organization

How We Approach Laboratory Risk Strategy

Inspirion Biosciences bridges the top-to-bottom gap in laboratory risk management. Our goal is to help senior leaders see the status of risk and risk mitigation in real time, while also educating staff about the risks at their fingertips on a moment-to-moment basis.

We are scientists with a direct appreciation of the risks in the work environment. At the same time, we also have risk management expertise honed through experience in a variety of research, production, and diagnostic environments.

  • We deliver real-time and accessible risk profiles that are dynamic and evolve with your organization.
  • We provide integrated solutions to eliminate and mitigate exposure.
  • We are proactive in building and maintaining a culture of risk management in your organization.
  • We develop awareness of risk and facilitate continuous improvement of risk exposure management.
  • We create and build risk cultures that can scale as your organization scales.
  • We help build (and rebuild) successful risk cultures after a major risk event.

The Inspirion Biosciences Advantage

We are not full-time scientists and veterinarians who work in a laboratory and also happen to have some knowledge of biosafety and biosecurity. No. We are credentialed biosafety and biosecurity professionals focused full-time on biorisk management for our clients. The fact that we also possess advanced degrees in the biological sciences and animal health with experience in a variety of workspaces ensures we can assist our clients in successfully navigating the nuanced risk management elements of these uniquely different laboratory environments.

BioRisk. Managed. TM

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