Who We Are

Take a Closer Look. You’ll find Inspirion Biosciences has unmatched depth of expertise and a network of global resources that set us apart from other organizations.

We are scientists, veterinarians, safety professionals, engineers and project managers who are passionate about what we do. We possess advanced degrees (DVM, Ph.D., MPH, MS) in the biological sciences (microbiology, biochemistry, bacteriology etc.) as well as professional certifications in biological safety, microbiology and security. We have direct work experience with especially dangerous pathogens and Select Agents in BSL-2 thru BSL-4 laboratories. We have managed research, diagnostic or production laboratories in academic institutions, the federal government or the commercial sector.

We are scientists who help scientists work safely.

Every organization and every client is different. That’s a great thing! We understand that your business and what you do are important. We understand that your reputation matters. We understand that lives are at stake. We listen closely and we can help you.

We possess extensive international safety and security management experience. Having worked in over 30 countries, we understand the rules and the challenges may be different from place to place. Not only have we seen different approaches to the same problem work successfully, we’ve developed a unique brand of cultural sensitivity. We know that what works in one location doesn’t always work in another. “Local solutions to local problems” is what we say!

Inspirion has provided laboratory/facility design review, Select Agent Program registration pre-inspection, BSL-3 verification services, biosafety/biosecurity program reviews, biorisk management program development, curriculum development, and training delivery for federal, commercial and academic clients in over 30 countries. These clients operate biosafety level-2 (BSL-2), BSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities where human, animal and plant pathogens are handled, stored or manipulated for the purpose of diagnostics, research or vaccine production.

Since 1999, we have led and managed activities such as:

  • Program Management of six different US-funded international engagement programs valued at over $70 million USD.
  • Management of over 50 Cooperative Biological Research (CBR) projects with a cumulative value exceeding $15 million USD.
  • Performed Biosafety & Biosecurity Threat & Vulnerability Assessments (T&VA) at over 200 containment laboratories in 10 countries.
  • Developed >1,000 policy statements, program plans, standard operating procedures and training presentations for laboratory staff.
  • Developed and delivered technical training in multiple languages to large and small audiences on topics including:
    • Epidemiology
    • Diagnostic platforms for human and animal disease
    • Laboratory equipment operations & maintenance
    • User development and implementation of laboratory administrative controls
    • Biosafety principles and practices (BSL-2 thru BSL-4)
    • Biosecurity principles and practices
  • Created and provided leadership to professional biosafety societies in other countries (American Biological Safety Association, International Federation of Biosafety Associations, Biosafety Association of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Pakistan Biosafety Association).
  • Led organizations in the implementation of Laboratory Quality Management Systems (ISO 17025, 19000 and 15189).
  • Led the creation of the first international laboratory management standards (CEN Workshop Agreements; CWA)
    • CWA 15793 – “Biorisk Management Standard”
    • CWA 16393 – “Guideline for the Implementation of CWA 15793”
    • CWA 16335 – “Biosafety Professional Competence”
  • Provided guidance and training on human and animal health security.
  • Provided rapid response staff mobilization to meet client needs. (Recently invited to Nigeria to deliver infection control training to hospitals housing Ebola patients.)
  • Devised and implemented laboratory sustainability concepts.
  • Coordinated and managed biosafety cabinet inspection, repair and certification to NSF49 in foreign locations.
  • Provided training and resources to support domestic and international transport of potentially infectious biological materials in accordance with UN, WHO, IATA and ICAO guidelines.

Current and past clients and program support include:

  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • US Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Department of State; USAID, TB CARE II
  • US Department of State; Biosecurity Engagement Program
  • National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program
  • International Federation of Biosafety Associations
  • Global Partnership Program, Canada
  • International Centre for Infectious Diseases, Winnipeg, Canada

We have not only served as advisors to the White House, Department of Homeland Security and US Centers for Disease Control, select staff members were previously employed by the Department of Defense, US Army, the CDC and multiple Fortune 500 companies. We have published scores of peer- reviewed scientific articles, textbook chapters and magazine articles.

The Inspirion Advantage

We are not full-time scientists and veterinarians who work in a laboratory and also happen to have some knowledge of biosafety and biosecurity. No. We are credentialed biosafety and biosecurity professionals focused full-time on biorisk management for our clients. The fact that we also possess advanced degrees in the biological sciences and animal health with experience in a variety of workspaces ensures we can assist our clients in successfully navigating the nuanced risk management elements of these uniquely different laboratory environments.

BioRisk. Managed. TM

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