Why Do You Need a Risk Strategist?

As your risk strategist, our involvement decreases financial, reputational, and health risks to your organization, individuals, and stakeholders as we drive the following outcomes:

  • Increase stakeholder investment in risk management through direct engagement, active communication, and increased risk awareness
  • Grow a culture of safety and security by reinforcing administrative controls and senior leadership messaging
  • Increase accessibility and visibility into risk factors, mitigation, and continuous improvement
  • Break down the “communications stovepipe” to improve communication horizontally and vertically
  • Increase reliability among potential collaborators and funders
  • Increase investor confidence in the security of their investment
  • Create scalability and repeatability for multi-site organizations and those looking to expand

Why Risk Strategy Is Important

Fact: In a country with approximately 200,000 containment laboratories there are only 400 credentialed biosafety professionals. This equates to only 1 qualified expert per every 500 labs.

Fact: Between 2008 and 2013 there was a 30-fold increase in laboratory incidents involving infectious-disease-causing organisms—in the United States alone.

Fact: More people have been killed by infectious disease than war.

Self-Assessment: Does Your Organization Need a Risk Strategist?

  • Does your organization have a credentialed biosafety officer?
  • Are all your safety and security risks identified and controlled?
  • Does your organization have a written BioRisk Management Plan?
  • Does your organization have biorisk and security protocols and adequate employee training programs?

If you answered “YES!” to every one of these questions, contact Inspirion Biosciences or call (301) 304-8191.

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