BioRisk Plans for All Businesses & Organizations

In densely populated areas like Washington, DC, and Baltimore, pathogens like viruses and bacteria are provided with the perfect conditions to spread, potentially causing untold numbers of illnesses. The health, safety, and security of your customers, students, and staff depend on your organization’s ability to develop and follow an effective plan to mitigate biosafety risks.

Our team at Inspirion Biosciences can help. As leading biosafety consultants in the DC metro area, our experts can help your business develop and implement a comprehensive BioRisk management plan that is customizable and tailored to the needs of your business.

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Custom BioRisk Management Plans

At Inspirion Biosciences, we serve a wide range of commercial businesses, academic institutions, laboratories, healthcare facilities, and more. If you’re planning to re-open but are unsure how to protect your staff and customers from COVID-19, we’re here to help you.

When it comes to BioRisk management plans, “one size fits none.” Frequently, we see organizations inappropriately copy or duplicate what other businesses in the community are doing. This is unfortunate because it reveals an incomplete understanding of the risks to be managed as well as a misunderstanding of which procedures will be most effective in their operation. Inspirion knows that each BioRisk plan must first identify organization-specific risks. In our experience, effective solutions must then be identified and tailored based upon the risk tolerance of the organization’s leadership.

Inspirion will work with you to identify and prioritize your organization’s risks associated with COVID-19. We’ll ask you questions to help define your risk tolerance, review your existing procedures, and then develop a custom BioRisk plan tailored to address the specific risks in your organization. We will develop new procedures if you need them, and train or coach your staff to properly implement your new BioRisk plan and procedures. Additionally, we’ll perform assessments and reviews to gauge your progress along the way.

Our BioRisk management plans are designed from the ground up specifically for your business.  Our process includes:

Initial Assessment:

Our experts will evaluate your facility and procedures to learn where improvements will be most beneficial. This process can include:

  • Facility design review
  • Engineering controls review
  • Foot traffic pattern analysis
  • Identification of high-touch surfaces and specialized facilities (i.e., gyms, food service areas) requiring special attention
  • Multilevel review of your current practices and procedures
  • Perform needs assessments, safety audits, and risk assessments

Recommendations & Protocol Development:

We will create custom BioRisk management recommendations and protocols tailored to your specific business needs and industry. Along the way, we’ll be sure you understand the “why” behind each recommendation we provide and each procedure we implement. Recommendations and protocols may include:

  • Recommendations for equipment and hardware changes to decrease your risk
  • Changes to foot traffic patterns to improve social distancing
  • Improvements to housekeeping equipment, chemistry, and procedures to comply with CDC recommendations
  • Elimination of ineffective procedures and equipment that increase cost and waste time
  • Review, revision, and creation of risk management policies, program plans, and procedures
  • Biosafety/biosecurity curriculum development
  • BioRisk management program development
  • Facility and/or equipment decontamination & disinfection procedures
  • Selection, use, and maintenance of personal protective equipment
  • Effective waste management practices
  • Procedures for temporary suspension of activities due to COVID-19 positive individual on your premises


Our experts will assist with staff training. All trainees will develop a thorough understanding of why the actions being performed are necessary and how they lead to decreased risk of COVID-19 exposure. Training can include:

  • Risk management training for all individuals in your organization no matter their function
  • Training to effectively implement new processes and procedures
  • Hands-on training of housekeeping staff to understand the principles behind the practices

Assessment & Reviews:

Our team will gauge your progress and review your staff’s implementation of the BioRisk plan with periodic assessments and reviews that include:

  • Review of administrative controls, program plans, SOPs, and training content
  • Integrated BioRisk management program implementation
  • Biosafety/biosecurity program review

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