Mobile Contract Sterilization

Stopping the spread of illness is important for any business, and whether you are operating a laboratory, a medical facility, or a commercial facility, properly sterilizing critical equipment can be an essential step in protecting the health and safety of your staff and customers. With more than 20 years of experience, our team at Inspirion Biosciences can help.

Our sterilization service company offers contract sterilization and decontamination services for local businesses through our mobile disinfection service. We provide sterilization services for businesses in the United States and beyond if you wish to ship your items directly to our facility for processing. We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our clients, and we offer mobile decontamination services to businesses in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

Do you need contract sterilization services in the Washington, DC metro area? Call (301) 304-8191 or contact us online to speak with our experts at Inspirion Biosciences.

Contract Sterilization Services in MD & DC

When you need occasional sterilization services for important items or equipment, turn to our team at Inspirion Biosciences. We sterilize a wide variety of items, from animal cages and medical equipment to vehicles, furniture, sports equipment, and electronics. For local businesses, our mobile disinfection services can come to you. For out-of-town facilities, we offer convenient mail-in sterilization services. Simply send us a package containing the equipment you need to have sterilized. We will process it, sterilize it and return it quickly. We work with all types of organizations, including:

  • Individual customers
  • Office buildings
  • Government facilities
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Medical and research labs
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Food processing and manufacturing facilities

We also offer medical device sterilization, as well as ongoing sterilization services for clients that need periodic service. Call (301) 304-8191 or contact us online to learn more.

Our Sterilization Process

To ensure thorough and complete sterilization of all surfaces, including deep fissures or gaps, our team at Inspirion Biosciences uses chlorine dioxide gas for sterilization. Known by the U.S. EPA to kill all living organisms, including bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, chlorine dioxide gas can penetrate deep into porous surfaces. It is a safe way to leave your items free of disease-causing microorganisms. It is safe for use on plastics, wood, fabrics, and finished metal surfaces such as those found associated with these items:

  • Laptops, office equipment, and consumer electronics
  • Cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Remote controls, phones, keyboards, and other communal items
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Foodservice equipment
  • Gym and sports equipment

The items to be sterilized are placed in a sealed container or area, and the chlorine dioxide gas is injected and allowed to remain in present for a set period of time.

To learn how our sterilization services can help your Baltimore or DC business, call (301) 304-8191 or contact us online.

Call Today for Contact Sterilization Services Nationwide

Give your staff and customers the best protection against the spread of disease. Choose Inspirion Biosciences for all your contract sterilization services. Whether you use our mobile disinfection services or you ship your items directly to us, we will work quickly and diligently to return your equipment in the same condition as we received it, minus the disease-causing pathogens.

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