Frequently Asked Questions

At Inspirion Biosciences, we are here to provide the BioRisk management and sterilization services that your organization needs to protect its staff and visitors from illnesses and disease. From small businesses to major medical facilities, we provide solutions for facilities of all sizes. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services:

What services do you offer?

At Inspirion Biosciences, we offer comprehensive sterilization services for laboratories, medical facilities, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, government facilities, schools, daycare facilities, vehicles, individual customers, and more. Our techniques effectively eliminate microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold from both porous and nonporous surfaces, even in hard-to-reach areas like air ducts, equipment surfaces, cracks, and fissures. We also help organizations develop and implement BioRisk management plans, and we consult with businesses and authorities throughout Maryland and the DC area on laboratory design, BioRisk management, lab safety, lab security, and more.

How do I know if my project is a good fit for you?

Our company works with a wide range of businesses and organizations to provide BioRisk management, sterilization services, safety and security consultations, and more. We handle projects of all sizes and scopes, from mobile sterilization in private homes or small businesses to BioRisk management services and training for large hospitals and managed care facilities. To learn if our experts can help with your project, call (301) 304-8191 today or contact us online.

What does the process of creating a custom BioRisk plan with you look like?

Our experts will meet with your team to perform an initial assessment, which will include reviewing the design of your facility, identifying risks, assessing your current procedures, and more. We will then develop a BioRisk management plan that includes equipment recommendations, improved protocols and procedures, risk mitigation techniques, and more, as well as complete training to educate your personnel on the new protocols and procedures. Our BioRisk management plans will be tailored to meet the needs and budget of your facility while providing the best possible protection for your business and personnel.

When do I need disinfection services?

Anytime your facility has been exposed to dangerous microorganisms it should be disinfected. For laboratories, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and food production facilities, this can mean daily disinfection, while other businesses and organizations may only need to be disinfected weekly, monthly, or just after a known exposure incident.

At what stage of a lab’s life cycle can you help?

Our team at Inspirion Biosciences can help during every stage of a laboratory’s life cycle, from development and planning to daily operation and decommissioning. We can help you create comprehensive BioRisk management plans, identify deficiencies, mitigate them, and keep your lab safe, secure, and sterile.

What decontamination, sterilization, and disinfection techniques do you use?

Our primary method of sterilization and disinfection includes exposing all surfaces and equipment in your facility to chlorine dioxide, which is a U.S. E.P.A.-registered sterilant that offers a 100% kill rate for bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more. As a gas comprised of extremely small particles, it can reach all areas where microorganisms are found, effectively eliminating them and leaving the area clean and safe. Chloride dioxide leaves no residue and is quite safe, being extensively used in water purification and food production processes.

Who can benefit from your services?

Any facility than has a high risk of harboring or spreading disease-causing pathogens can benefit form our sterilization services, including medical facilities, laboratories, food production facilities, and businesses that are open to the public.

Do you have BCL-3 and capsule filling capabilities?

No, but we offer sterilization services for all types of laboratory equipment, including capsule filling machines, centrifuges, microscopes, and more.

What problems do you help solve?

We help to reduce the spread of illnesses and disease through comprehensive sterilization services and the implementation of effective BioRisk management plans for all types of businesses and organizations.

What are your credentials?

At Inspirion Biosciences, we feature doctors, scientists, veterinarians, engineers, and other skilled professionals with advanced degrees (DVM, Ph.D., MPH, MS) and certifications in microbiology, biochemistry, bacteriology, and more. We also have professional experience in managing pathogens and select agents in BSL-1 through BSL-4 laboratories. Our company has worked with organizations worldwide to help prevent the spread of disease, and we have advised institutions that range from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to the Centers for Disease Control and the White House.

Do you have more questions about our services? Talk to our experts at Inspirion Biosciences. Call (301) 304-8191 or contact us online today!

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