Laboratory Decommissioning & Relocation Services in DC, MD, PA & NC

Inspirion Biosciences provides critical solutions for laboratory decommissioning and relocation in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metros. Our extensive experience equips us to handle the small details of decommissioning a laboratory to reduce the risk of liability for labs, property owners, and property managers.

Put simply, we provide practical, cost-effective decommissioning services so you can focus on what comes next.

Our Decommission Services for Laboratory Operators

Inspirion Biosciences provides a variety of risk management services in support of laboratory decontamination. Available services include:

  • Document disinfection procedures for biohazards, chemicals and radioactive material
  • Provide oversight of custodial services
  • Coordinate removal of hazardous materials and other controlled substances
  • Label and stage equipment for relocation or removal
  • Draft reports to document decontamination
  • Perform risk assessment for potential facility contamination
  • Document decontamination procedures
  • Provide oversight of decontamination services
  • Verify and document proper decommissioning and facility closure
  • Document cleaning and sampling requirements
  • Conduct air and surface sampling and analysis
  • Review decommissioning documents with landlords and property managers

Our clients include Biosafety Level-2 (BSL-2), Biosafety Level-3 (BSL-3), and Biosafety Level-4 (BSL-4) facilities in Washington, DC and Baltimore. If you’re decommissioning a BSL-2 facility, BSL-3 facility, or BSL-4 facility, we can help.

Our Services to Property Owners, Landlords and Property Managers

Even after a laboratory is decommissioned, property owners must still address tremendous safety and financial risks.

For example, if a decommissioned lab isn’t properly cleaned and decontaminated prior to shutting down, future tenants may be exposed to infectious organisms or hazardous chemicals.

These risks expose your business to lawsuits, financial liabilities, and reputation damage. Your livelihood is on the line.

Inspirion Biosciences reduces risk for multi-tenant organizations, property owners, landlords and property managers by providing comprehensive lab decommissioning services in Baltimore, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

To learn more, contact us at (301) 304-8191 or via our Contact page

Laboratory Moving Services

Moving a laboratory is a complex task that involves packaging and transporting delicate laboratory equipment, chemicals, and chemical waste. Compliance with regulatory requirements takes a specialized set of skills and experience.

If you’re relocating a laboratory, Inspirion Biosciences can support that process and prepare for decommissioning of the existing facility.

The Inspirion Biosciences Advantage

Inspirion Biosciences specializes in risk strategy for the life sciences sector. We provide critical biorisk management solutions to identify and solve safety and security risks at each step in the laboratory lifecycle before they arise, from startup to decommissioning.

  • We are scientists, veterinarians, safety professionals, engineers and project managers who are passionate about what we do.
  • We possess advanced degrees (DVM, Ph.D., MPH, MS) in the biological sciences (microbiology, biochemistry, bacteriology etc.)
  • We have professional certifications in biological safety, microbiology and security.
  • We have direct work experience with especially dangerous pathogens and Select Agents in BSL-2 thru BSL-4 laboratories.
  • We have managed research, diagnostic or production laboratories for academic institutions, the federal/state government or the commercial sector.

Our scientific backgrounds and experiences uniquely qualify us to fulfill our calling: We are scientists who help scientists work safely.