Mobile Disinfection Services

High-touch items in a home, office, or school need to be more than clean; they need to be disinfected. The items that you and others touch every day become hosts to a variety of germs. The more they’re touched, the faster these items can spread illnesses and viruses.

Disinfecting these high-touch items and surfaces will ensure these microorganisms are eliminated. These high-touch items include:

  • Individuals’ cell phones, laptops, tablets, and keyboards
  • Office laptops, keyboards, and desk phones
  • School and daycare toys and enrichment items
  • Parks & Recreation team equipment items, such as sports equipment
  • Hospital mobile medical devices and implements at nursing stations
  • Equipment at children’s entertainment facilities, such as bounce houses and ball pits
  • And more

Individual efforts can be taken to decontaminate through washing hands and to wipe down surfaces. That can reduce the risk of spreading illness, but to be truly confident, you need to disinfect, and you need an expert.

If that sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Inspirion Biosciences’ mobile disinfection approach means we bring professional disinfection services to you. We’ll visit your home or office on your schedule, disinfect your items so you know they’re safe to use, and return them to you quickly. It’s all the peace of mind with none of the hassle.

Inspirion Biosciences is dedicated to providing expertise about decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization. As leaders in the industry, we are dedicated to educating others about these processes. Working with us means having the convenience of professional mobile services to support your needs on your schedule. You can rest knowing that these high-touch items are not just “clean,” they’ve been disinfected and sterilized.

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The Difference Between Disinfecting & Decontamination

To understand why disinfection is important, you first need to understand the difference between decontamination and disinfection. Most household and office cleaning companies are effective at cleaning and decontamination, but they’re not properly trained to disinfect. When an item or surface is decontaminated, it eliminates most pathogens, but not necessarily all types. On the other hand, disinfecting will eliminate all bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens, except for spores. The highest level of disinfection is sterilization – it kills even spores.

Not all disinfectants work effectively against all living organisms, so you must choose a disinfectant that will work against the organisms you’re trying to eliminate. If a disinfectant is used incorrectly, it could be ineffective at best or harmful at worst. For example, many disinfectants must be properly diluted with water in order to work. More is not always better!

Chemical disinfectants also need time to interact with microorganisms in order to eliminate them. If the disinfectant isn’t left on a surface long enough, or if it can’t get into the cracks and crevices where microorganisms hide, it can’t do its job. It is almost impossible to physically spray and wipe all places where microorganisms may be present.

For this reason, disinfecting with gas is a far superior method. Gas disperses evenly and completely throughout a space – it penetrates fabrics and even diffuses throughout ventilation systems. In short, a gas can get to every place where a microorganism could be.

Our Mobile Disinfection Services

At Inspirion, we offer our mobile disinfection services to a variety of individuals, both to educate and to keep your items and space as healthy as possible. We will travel to your location and will come fully prepared to disinfect your items.

Our mobile disinfection consumers include:

  • Individual consumers – cell phones, laptops, tablets, keyboards, remote controls
  • Offices – laptops, keyboards, desk phones, A/V equipment, and conference call controls
  • Schools/daycares – Sports and recreation team equipment, nursery school toys and enrichment items
  • Parks & Rec departments – Sports and recreation team equipment
  • Hospitals – mobile medical devices, privacy curtains, remote controls, implements at nursing stations (clipboards, pens, tablets, etc.)

The process for sterilization is not as convoluted as you might think. Our process is quite simple:

  • Put items in a sterilization bag or another small sealed enclosure
  • Use pure chlorine dioxide gas to disinfect items
  • Remove items and quickly return them to you

About Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Chlorine dioxide gas is an incredibly effective sterilant; when tested, no microorganism has survived against it. Chlorine dioxide is registered as a sterilant, which the U.S. EPA defines as able “to eliminate or destroy” all forms of microbial life, including “fungi, fungal spores, viruses, vegetative bacteria, and bacterial spores.”

Benefits to using this gas include:

  • At room temperature, chlorine dioxide gas is a true gas (not a vapor) and, therefore, provides exceptional distribution and penetration
  • Penetration of the gas means that pathogens lodged in cracks and crevices cannot survive exposure to chlorine dioxide gas
  • Because chlorine dioxide gas molecules are smaller than any microorganism, the gas will go anyplace a microorganism could potentially go
  • Chlorine dioxide gas is safe on electronics, stainless steel, galvanized metals, anodized aluminum, painted/coated metals, plastics, and epoxy paints/coatings
  • Chlorine dioxide gas leaves no residue – either wet or dry – on any surface following treatment.
  • Chlorine dioxide is not classified as a carcinogen by any health agency
  • Chlorine dioxide has been used to disinfect domestic drinking water since 1912 and is currently used in food production and manufacturing processes

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Inspirion has the unmatched depth of expertise and global resources to provide for our consumers. We are scientists, veterinarians, safety professionals, engineers, and project managers. We are passionate about what we do in providing biosafety and biosecurity professionals. We have experience in navigating the nuanced elements of risk management in a variety of workspaces, not only at home in the United States, but also internationally. For proper decontamination, disinfection and sterilization, look no further than Inspirion Biosciences.

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