Production Labs

Whether a production laboratory is creating new pharmaceuticals or preparing for a clinical trial, lab conditions must be clean and sterile to ensure that the final product is safe and effective. At Inspirion Biosciences, we can help your facility create the ideal conditions for safe, reliable production and improved productivity. We serve production laboratories throughout Baltimore and the Washington, DC area, and with over 20 years of service, we know which will work for your needs. We provide disinfection, decontamination, and sterilization services, as well as customized BioRisk management plans.

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Meeting the Challenges of a Production Lab

Production labs are the critical bridge between research and commercial production. They provide small production runs of new medications, vaccines, or other products for testing or clinical trials, and like any laboratory, contamination can ruin the final product. It is important to clean and sterilize work areas, lab equipment, storage cabinets, refrigeration systems, and more. Samples of viruses or bacteria must be handled and disposed of correctly, and proper PPE must be worn at all times. It is also critical to maintain healthy indoor air quality, with negative air pressure to prevent the spread of microbes, robust filtration to remove any bacteria or viruses from the air supply, and dehumidification to keep moisture levels low and discourage the growth of microorganisms.

Without these precautions, contamination of the finished product can easily occur. Not only could this cause unnecessary delays and wasted money, but it could also cause aberrant results in testing or clinical trials, as well. If the conditions exist for the growth of bacteria or viruses, illnesses can be spread to laboratory staff or even the public.

How Inspirion Biosciences Can Help Your Production Lab

When you want to provide your production laboratory with the best protection against contaminants and the spread of illnesses, turn to our experts at Inspirion Biosciences. We have been serving laboratories and similar facilitates for over 20 years, and we offer several services that could benefit your business:

  • Disinfection, decontamination, and sterilization services – Keep your lab free of contaminants that could ruin your final product and prevent the spread of diseases with our sterilization services. We use chlorine dioxide gas to penetrate every nook and cranny in your lab, killing all microorganisms and leaving lab surfaces and equipment clean and safe.
  • Laboratory design reviews – Our experts can evaluate the design and layout of your lab and recommend changes that will enhance safety, health, and productivity.
  • BioRisk management plans – Our team can design and implement a custom BioRisk management plan that identifies risks, evaluates your current procedures, and recommends changes that help to keep your laboratory safe while minimizing the spread of diseases.

Our company serves production laboratories, research laboratories, and medical facilities throughout Baltimore, Maryland and the Washington, DC area.

If your production laboratory could use the help of an experienced team to avoid laboratory contamination and health concerns, turn to our experts at Inspirion Biosciences. Dial (301) 304-8191 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our team today!

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