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Real estate investment in collaborative scientific campuses began just 20 years ago. During this brief period every state in the Union has created a biotech park containing wet labs, prompting investment firms to cater to the scientific tenant, often moving them into larger and larger facilities.

Multi-tenant facilities of all kinds—whether simple apartments or biotech labs—suffer from a plethora of problems stemming from shared occupancy, fractured delegation of responsibility and mismanagement. Multi-tenant biotech facilities concentrate risks into densely populated spaces. These problems can result in several problems:

  • Inability of First Responders to enter select building spaces.
  • Lack of individual biosafety officers in all tenant organizations.
  • Lack of coordination and cooperation between individual biosafety officers.
  • Challenges with coordination of multiple independent streams of hazardous waste disposal.
  • Tenant may unknowingly leave hazardous biological material behind after departure.

What are some of the possible risks and outcomes of these problems?

Improper handling, storage and disposal of potentially infectious material exposes other tenants to a wide variety of risks. Consequences for this oversight can be quite severe:

  • Infection and possibly death of your employees and other tenants.
  • A communicable disease circulating in the surrounding community traced back to your facility.
  • Organizational reputation damage.
  • Loss of funding to your organization.
  • Unfavorable media attention.
  • Intense political scrutiny.
  • Contamination of public spaces and transportation.
  • Increased cost for waste removal.
  • Crippling lawsuits from affected families.

Even if your tenant’s laboratory is decommissioned, there are still tremendous safety and financial risks that must be addressed. Currently, there are no legal requirements your exiting tenant must follow. If your lab isn’t properly cleaned and decontaminated prior to departure, this problem becomes yours. The next tenant may unknowingly be exposed to infectious organisms or hazardous chemicals, opening your business up to lawsuits that cannot only damage your finances, but also your reputation. You can also imagine how difficult it will be to attract new tenants with this type of negativity surrounding your organization. As all property owners understand, empty space generates no revenue.

Multi-tenant organizations will immediately benefit from these specialized services:

  • Integrated Safety Program implementation with multiple tenant organizations in your facility.
  • Laboratory Decontamination and Decommissioning Oversight
  • Training

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