Vehicle Disinfection Services

One of the most high-touch areas we occupy throughout our day is the car. Our vehicles hold more germs and microorganisms than we can imagine. High-touch spaces like our vehicles need more than a “wash” or a “clean”; they need to be disinfected.

Detailing and physically cleaning out your car can reduce the risk of spreading illness; however, to keep your vehicle completely free from germs that cause disease, you need disinfecting experts.

Taxis, fleet vehicles, rental cars, leisure vehicles, limousines, transit buses, and subway cars can all transmit disease due to the germs and microorganisms present from the many different people who have been inside them. Disinfection of these vehicles with a sterilant gas is a highly efficient way to eliminate and destroy germs in hard-to-reach locations and on surfaces that you don’t want to get wet. Sterilant gas penetrates into cracks and crevices where liquids can’t go. The gas also disperses throughout the ventilation system to destroy organisms that tend to collect on the blower, fan, and filter.

At Inspirion Biosciences, our team handles disinfection and sterilization of spaces such as vehicles. For your health and safety, contact our team online today or call us at (301) 631-8470.

Our Vehicle Disinfecting Services

The Inspirion Biosciences approach is simple: We value your health and safety. Our team will visit you to provide services on your schedule, completely disinfect your vehicle so it is safe to use, and return it to you quickly.

Want a sterilized, disinfected car without all the hassle? Inspirion Biosciences can provide vehicle disinfecting services in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland area – contact us by calling (301) 631-8470 today.

Vehicle Disinfection With Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Chlorine dioxide gas is an effective sterilant; no microorganism has survived against it. The U.S. EPA defines chlorine dioxide as able “to eliminate or destroy [all forms of microbial life, including] fungi, fungal spores, viruses, vegetative bacteria, and bacterial spores.”

Pure chlorine dioxide gas is a superior disinfectant that can be used to sterilize your vehicle. The gas disperses evenly and completely throughout a space – it penetrates fabrics and even diffuses throughout ventilation systems. The chlorine gas can get to every place where a microorganism could be. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive over-the-counter chlorine gas products that contain harmful contaminants that can easily damage electronics, navigation systems and exposed metals. Our pure chlorine dioxide is proven gentle on these surfaces and can be safely used to treat vehicle interiors more than once.

For chlorine dioxide gas disinfecting services for your vehicle in DC or Baltimore, contact Inspirion Biosciences online or call us at (301) 631-8470.

Inspirion Biosciences Offers Vehicle Disinfecting Services in DC & MD

Our team at Inspirion Biosciences is dedicated to providing decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization services. As leaders in the biosciences industry, we are dedicated to educating others about the disinfecting processes.

Working with our team means you can rest assured your vehicle is not just “clean,” it’s disinfected and sterilized.

For more information on our vehicle disinfection services in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland area, contact us online or call us at (301) 631-8470.