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The need for constant cleaning and decontamination can slow down the work at a research or production lab and harm productivity. By leaving the bulk of the sterilization to qualified professionals, not only can you experience better, more reliable results, but you’ll also reduce the workload of your staff. At Inspirion Biosciences, we offer complete laboratory sterilization and decontamination services, as well as custom BioRisk plans, laboratory commissioning services, contract sterilization services, and more. Our company serves laboratories throughout the Philadelphia area, and we feature skilled, highly trained professionals dedicated to your health and safety.

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Lab Equipment Sterilization

Professional sterilization of lab equipment and contact surfaces can not only save your staff time, but it can provide tangible benefits for your laboratory, such as:

  • Protecting the health and safety of staff
  • Protecting the health of support staff like janitors or maintenance personnel
  • Avoiding sample contamination
  • Preserving the integrity of your research or production techniques

At Inspirion Biosciences, our sterilization technique is 100% effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and other microorganisms. We use chlorine dioxide to achieve these results, and as a gas, its molecules are smaller than even the smallest microorganisms, allowing it to reach into hidden cracks and crevices to kill the germs that harbor there. Our sterilization agent is safe and leaves behind no residues, allowing you to work confidently knowing your personnel are safe.

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Custom BioRisk Plans

The risks of operating a biological laboratory are significant; it takes great care to prevent illnesses or injuries from exposure to the infectious agents and toxins handled there. Without a comprehensive BioRisk management plan, you could open your laboratory up to a wide variety of negative consequences if an accident happens, such as:

  • Illnesses or injuries
  • Legal or criminal liabilities
  • Loss of research funding or investments
  • Loss of confidence in your research or production methods
  • Closure of your facility
  • Irreparable harm to the reputation of your organization or your personal reputation
  • Negative media coverage and scrutiny by local officials

At Inspirion Biosciences, we can work with your team to create and implement a BioRisk management plan that is comprehensive, effective, and realistic. With the protocols and techniques outlined in the plan, you can rest assured that your laboratory is protected and safe.

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New Laboratory Construction or Renovation

If you are designing a new lab, it is a good idea to consult with a BioRisk management professional throughout the process to make sure it is built with special attention paid to biosafety and biosecurity. At Inspirion Biosciences, we have consulted on the caution and renovation of many production and research laboratories, making sure they comply with all federal, state, and local codes, as well as CLIA and CAP accreditation standards.

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