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Laboratories in the Raleigh-Durham area depend on the effectiveness of their sterilization and decontamination routines to protect their staff against infections and illnesses. For reliable, consistent laboratory sterilization, turn to our team at Inspirion Biosciences. We feature a full range of lab services for research and production laboratories, including sterilization services, lab construction consultations, and BioRisk management plans. We are committed to your health and safety, and we serve clients throughout the Raleigh-Durham area.

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Lab Equipment Sterilization Services

Proper disinfection and sterilization of laboratories and lab equipment is part of the required daily routines for several good reasons:

  • It protects worker health and safety.
  • It prevents contamination of laboratory samples.
  • It preserves the integrity of laboratory research and production routines.
  • It protects support personnel, such as maintenance workers or janitorial staff.

At Inspirion Biosciences, our primary sterilization agent is chlorine dioxide gas. Its small molecules can reach into any area that harbors viruses, bacteria, or mold spores, eliminating 100% of these microorganisms on contact. It is an exceptionally safe product that leaves no residue after the process is complete, protecting the safety of visitors and staff.

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BioRisk Management Plans

In a biological laboratory, there are always some risks of exposure to infectious agents or toxins. BioRisk plans are designed to minimize these risks by implementing safe handling procedures for the storage and transportation of these materials, as well as sterilization and decontamination procedures to minimize risk during everyday operations or accidental exposures.

If your facility fails to implement a realistic BioRisk management plan, you could expose your organization to the following possible consequences:

  • Staff injuries or illnesses
  • Facility closures
  • Civil or criminal liabilities
  • Loss of funding or accreditation
  • Loss of confidence in your research or products
  • A damaged reputation

To create a custom BioRisk management plan that addresses the unique needs of your Raleigh-Durham facility, talk to our team at Inspirion Biosciences. Call us at (301) 304-8191 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation today.

New Lab Construction

If your facility is designing a new research or production lab, it is best to consult with a BioRisk management professional to ensure it is up to the required specifications for effective biosafety and biosecurity management. Our experts at Inspirion Biosciences can consult throughout your planning and construction process, helping your team engineer systems that will improve your new facility’s safety, security, and productivity. We will make sure your laboratory design conforms to all federal, state, and local codes, as well as the requirements for CLIA and CAP accreditation.

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