Laboratory Services

Lab Sterilization Services in Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD

Inspirion Biosciences offers lab sterilization, disinfection, and decontamination services in Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. These services help keep your laboratory space and items clean from infectious organisms that contaminate your equipment and facility and, potentially, threaten your health.

For laboratory disinfection and sterilization services, including lab equipment sterilization and BioRisk management, contact Inspirion Biosciences online or call us at (301) 304-8191.

Lab Equipment Sterilization

There are various reasons laboratory equipment should stay properly sterilized, including:

  • Protecting the safety of laboratory staff to avoid them becoming unintentionally infected.
  • Preventing product or sample contamination, which could potentially call into question the validity of your work.
  • Protecting the maintenance staff who service the laboratory space, the equipment in the lab, and the associated infrastructure (HVAC, plumbing, etc.).

To keep your laboratory equipment completely free of contaminants, the best method is professional sterilization. Our method has a 100% kill rate and inactivates all microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores. Our team at Inspirion Biosciences uses chlorine dioxide gas to sterilize lab equipment and other lab items.

Learn more about our lab equipment sterilization services in the Washington DC and Baltimore, MD areas by contacting Inspirion Biosciences online or by calling (301) 304-8191.

BioRisk Plans

If you operate in a biological laboratory, this means that you, your employees, patients, and visitors are exposed to BioRisk (the safety and security risks associated with biological materials and infectious agents).

BioRisk management is the effective management of the safety and security risks posed by handling, storing, and/or transporting infectious agents and toxins.

Failure to manage your BioRisk could:

  • Cause an academic institution to lose research funding.
  • Put a commercial production lab out of business.
  • Cause a public health lab to lose accreditation.
  • Bring intense political scrutiny and unfavorable media attention to federal programs.
  • Cause infection and possibly death of employees working in biotech incubators or multi-tenant facilities.
  • Destroy your professional reputation as well as the reputation of your organization.
  • Cause costly and disruptive litigation and possible bankruptcy.

New Lab Construction

If you are in the middle of a new laboratory construction project or renovation, it is important to fully consider the biosafety and biosecurity aspects of your new lab. To save money and be fully successful, this must happen during the design phase – before construction begins. To ensure the design and engineering controls work to keep your employees, students and contractors protected, it’s important to engage BioRisk management professionals. The BioRisk management professionals at Inspirion will create a risk management program that fully integrates your facility design and engineering controls with appropriate administrative controls and safety equipment to keep everyone in your building safe. We ensure your organization is in compliance with federal, state and local regulations governing laboratory safety and that you are well positioned to maintain CLIA and CAP accreditation.

At Inspirion Biosciences, we value your safety and health. To ensure your new or renovated laboratory is designed and operated for maximal safety, reach to the BioRisk management professionals of Inspirion today..

To learn more about the creation of a fully integrated risk management plan and our BioRisk management practices, contact Inspirion Biosciences online or call us at (301) 304-8191.

Inspirion Biosciences Offers Lab Services in DC & MD

With the sterilization and disinfecting experts at Inspirion Biosciences, you will receive excellent services and personnel. When it comes to your health and safety, we work hard to keep your lab equipment and space completely sterilized.

Contact us online or call our team at (301) 304-8191 for laboratory sterilization services and BioRisk management services in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD areas.

Inspirion Biosciences looks forward to working with you to keep lab space clean and safe.