What is Mobile Decontamination?

When you think of a clean office or school, you may think about floors, countertops, and kitchens and bathrooms. But it’s the items you and countless others touch every day that need to be cleaned, disinfected, and decontaminated.

  • Decontamination – a process that reduces the amount of microbial contamination, but not all of it.
  • Disinfection – a process that eliminates virtually all pathogenic microorganisms, except spores, on inanimate objects, thereby reducing the level of contamination to an acceptably safe level.
  • Sterilization – (the highest form of disinfection) is a process that destroys all forms of microbial life, including spores.

High-touch items around your office or school can become hosts to a variety of germs. The more they’re touched, the faster they can spread illness. Having trained professionals come to your site to decontaminate these items and surfaces will ensure that others don’t become infected and sick from disease-causing organisms that may be present.

These high-touch items include:

  • Individuals’ cell phones, laptops, tablets, and keyboards
  • Office laptops, keyboards, and desk phones
  • School and daycare toys and enrichment items
  • Parks and recreation team equipment items, such as sports equipment
  • Hospital mobile medical devices and implements at nursing stations
  • Equipment at children’s entertainment facilities, such as bounce houses and ball pits
  • And more

Individual efforts can be taken to decontaminate through washing hands and wiping down surfaces. That can reduce the risk of spreading illness, but to be truly confident, you need to disinfect, and you need an expert.

If that sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Inspirion Biosciences’ mobile disinfection approach means we bring professional disinfection services to you. We’ll visit your home or office on your schedule, disinfect your items so you know they’re safe to use, and return them to you quickly. It’s all the peace of mind with none of the hassle.

Inspirion Biosciences is dedicated to providing expertise about decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization. As leaders in the industry, we are dedicated to educating others about these processes. Working with us means having the convenience of professional mobile services to support your needs on your schedule. You can rest knowing that these high-touch items are not just “clean,” they’ve been disinfected and sterilized.

What Is the Difference Between Decontamination & Disinfection?

Decontamination refers to methods effective at slowing down or stopping the spread of infectious organisms, but not the elimination of all harmful germs. To do that, you need to disinfect. Disinfection is the removal of all substances, such as microbes (microscopic life forms), pathogens (the microbes that cause disease), including viruses. Inspirion Biosciences offers a mobile disinfection service that uses a sterilant gas called chlorine dioxide.

Rendering an area free of pathogens can be complicated. Having an expert correctly perform disinfection services is the most effective way to ensure high-touch items and surfaces don’t harbor disease-causing organisms that may infect you or others. Routine housekeeping or cleaning is inadequate to prevent this. Not all disinfectants can kill all pathogens. Liquid and vapor forms of disinfectants cannot get into the tiny crevices where pathogens hide. If you want to be sure your workspace is free of pathogens, full disinfection is your safest option. Disinfection with gas it the most effective approach.

The Value of Mobile Decontamination

Mobile disinfection with chlorine dioxide gas is the most effective approach because chlorine dioxide gas is a sterilizer that kills all disease-causing microbes. When you call for a mobile disinfection service, we will travel to your site and use sterilant gas to ensure that all microorganisms on your items are killed. We are also able to provide proof and verification of the process, if requested.

About Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Chlorine dioxide gas is registered as a sterilant with the U.S. EPA, meaning it can “eliminate or destroy” microbes such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Chlorine dioxide gas has specifically proven effective against coronaviruses. ALL disease-causing organisms tested to date have been killed by chlorine dioxide gas.

Benefits of utilizing pure chlorine dioxide gas include:

  • At room temperature, chlorine dioxide gas is a pure gas (not a vapor) and, therefore, provides exceptional distribution and penetration.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas can penetrate into cracks and crevices, meaning that disease-causing organisms lodged there will not survive.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas molecules are smaller than microorganisms, so the gas will reach all the places microorganisms can reach.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas is safe on electronics, stainless steel, galvanized metals, anodized aluminum, painted/coated metals, plastics, and epoxy paints/coatings.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas leaves no residue – either wet or dry – on any surface following treatment.
  • Chlorine dioxide is not classified as a carcinogen by any health agency.
  • Chlorine dioxide has been used to disinfect domestic drinking water since 1912 and is currently used in food production and manufacturing processes.

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