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If you’re reading this right now you either operate a biological laboratory, have tenants who do, you own medical facilities, test centers, or biological waste disposal services or, you are an underwriter insuring such risks – this means you, your employees, patients and visitors are exposed to “BioRisk”.

Fact: More people have been killed by infectious disease than war.

Right now experiments, laboratory tests or medical treatments are underway, perhaps in your own facility, involving:

  • Exotic Strains Of Flu
  • Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
  • MERS Virus
  • SARS Virus
  • Plague
  • Botulinum Toxin
  • Ricin Toxin
  • Anthrax
  • Ebola

…and literally hundreds of other infectious diseases and toxic biological substances.

Failure to manage your BioRisk could:

  • Cause an academic institution to lose research funding.
  • Put a commercial diagnostic lab out of business.
  • Cause a public health lab to lose accreditation.
  • Bring intense political scrutiny and unfavorable media attention to federal programs.
  • Cause infection and possibly death of employees working in biotech incubators or multi-tenant facilities.
  • Cause costly and disruptive litigation and possible bankruptcy.

Fact: In a country with approximately 200,000 containment laboratories there are only 400 credentialed biosafety professionals. This equates to only 1 qualified expert per every 500 labs.

Fact: Between 2008 and 2013 there was a 30-fold increase in laboratory incidents involving infectious disease causing organisms—in the United States alone.

  • Does your organization have a credentialed biosafety officer?
  • Are all your safety and security risks identified and controlled?
  • Does your organization have a written BioRisk Management Plan?
  • Does your organization have biorisk and security protocols and adequate employee training programs?

Before the unthinkable happens, be proactive.

Inspirion Biosciences provides critical solutions covering the entire spectrum of your laboratory lifecycle from design, commissioning and start-up, through operations, laboratory relocation and decommissioning to address, identify and solve safety and security risks at each step before they arise.

You Need Inspirion Biosciences As Your BioRisk Management Service Provider.

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